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There are currently 3 musicians known as "Fausto" 1. Carlos Fausto Bordalo Dias, widely known as Fausto, is a portuguese singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist born in 1948. 2. A Dutch DJ, born in 1970, Amsterdam. 3. British Hardcore/Hatemosh. The two track demo, 'The Racecar demo' recorded and released in 2012. 1. Having grown up in Angola, he received influences from African ethnic music there. Militant against the fascist government in Portugal, he teamed with other great names of Portuguese "Folk" like José Afonso, Sérgio Godinho, José Mário Branco and Adriano Correia de Oliveira. With more than 12 recordings since 1970, his album Por Este Rio Acima started a new era in Portuguese music. In the style of portuguese Folk, is seconded perhaps only by José Afonso in the number of his recordings. 2. Fausto Talone was born on November 15th 1970 in Amsterdam, the hometown of his mother. His father comes all the way from Rome, Italy, which explains the fact that Fausto lives in The Netherlands, but listens to a 100% Italian name. Clubs, parties and housemusic At the age of 17 he discovered the world of clubs, parties and housemusic, which had just started to reach Holland, coming across the ocean from the great clubs in New York, Chicago and Detroit. Soon he was addicted to the Vibe called housemusic and started to go to houseparties more often. Then something happened to him that happens to all true DJ's at a certain moment: he got fascinated by the guy standing in front of the partypeople and playing his favourite tunes; Tha Vibe struck on him. Ladies and gentlemen: DJ Fausto was born... He started practicing with some old turntables (even one without pitchcontrol) and a Rodec-mixer at age 19, but one of the most important occurrences of his life happened when he was 20 years young: DJ Dano (member of Holland's worldfamous DJ-Dreamteam) asked him to come and spin in his show The Grooveyard at the legendary radiostation Radio 100. Things went really well and soon he started playing at local coffeeshops and small parties. In the meantime he bought his first set of Technics SL turntables. He developed his mixing skills further and further and his performance also got better with every gig he had. Fausto's mother told him not only to spin music, but also to listen to it very carefully and analyse all parts of a record. At this point his producing talent started to grow on him, because subconsciously he learned how music is arranged. The Big Breakthrough: His first big performance was in De Statenhallen in The Hague during Trance In Your Mind in 1994, he was booked to be on one lineup together with DJs like Michel de Hey and Carl Cox. After that Fausto received his first bookings in the U.K. from clubs like Brixton Academy, The Fridge and Tyssen Street. Becoming a professional DJ, Fausto did a tour around Ibiza in the summer of 1994, playing at all the big clubs on the world's most popular party-island. Fausto played Amnesia, The Ku and Club Space ,and rapidly started to make name for himself as a professional dj. After playing a lot of clubs around the world, Ibiza got back in touch with Fausto's raving beats in 2002 when he hit the decks at HQ - Ibiza in Club Eden, where he was in the lineup with Yoji Biomehanika. In 1995 Fausto played first on a lineup with Mark Sinclair (pendragon UK) and Alan T.G.(Torture Garden UK) at a Cyber XX Party (which was the first party ever to be broadcasted on the internet and by a Dutch talkshow). Everyone saw him conquer the dancefloor, including Mark and Alan. They were impressed by Fausto's performance and with that in mind, they flew back to the U.K. Two months later Fausto received a call from Pendragon with the message that they wanted to let him play at their Pendragon-parties. These parties made him famous in the U.K. even before he built up the name he has nowadays in The Netherlands. Over the years he started to play at bigger parties which got him to the highest point he has reached so far: a residency at Holland's biggest monthly harddance-clubnight: High Quality.Fausto has been a resident at the biggest and most longlasting clubnight of his homecountry. For 3,5 years now he has been one of the people who get to play frequently at De Melkweg during the always crowded High Quality parties. HQ is part of the big UDC-company and so all HQ-residents get to perform their skills on the HQ-stages at Impulz Festival (liveperformance of his track "Tha Vibe" in March 2003 during the last set of the evening), 4 Elements and the mother of all festivals Dance Valley (his DV-debut was in 2002) came along. Fausto even got to close down at the Dancevalley Miami-party during the Miami Winterconference in 2003. And he even closed the Dance Valley Winter Edition last year, which was a mindblowing experience for Fausto aswell for the crowd. After this his name was established in Holland. High Quality decided to make HQ XL an annual happening and so the second XL edition was planned for November 13th 2004. Just like the first big edition of HQ, this party's concept was to create a special back-to-back evening. With some very interesting back to back sessions, like Steve Hill vs JP, Organ Donors, Alex Kidd vs Dark by Design, but at 05:00 AM the moment was there: Fausto in a smashing back to back set with Tom Harding! These two guys blew the roof off of the venue, but what else would you expect from two of the leading guys of both Holland and England!

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