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Quazar (1978)
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New Jersey, US

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A New Jersey band originally known as Eclipse, Quazar was intended to showcase the talents of Glenn Goins, who briefly starred in P-Funk in the mid 70s, singing lead on Parliament's "Bop Gun," "I've Been Watching You," and "Handcuffs." The group was led by Goins' brother Kevin on guitar and lead vocals, accompanied by Greg Fitz (keyboards), Harvey Banks (guitar), Peachena (vocals), Richard Banks (keyboards), Jeff Adams (drums), Eugene Jackson (bass, vocals), Daryl De Lomberto (percussion), Monica Peters (trumpet), and Daryl Dixon (saxophone). The group had been together since the early 70s, but apparently considered Glenn Goins' talents indispensible to their success, and refused to record until late in the decade.

Once Glenn Goins left P-Funk in 1977, he made Quazar his main focus, enlisting another P-Funk alumnus, Jerome Brailey, to help coordinate the project. Unfortunately, Goins died of cancer on July 30, 1978 before the album was completed, leaving Quazar without its guiding force. However, his vocal and instrumental contributions were left intact, ensuring his spirit would permeate the record.

The self-titled LP was released later that year and ranks with Eddie Hazel's solo album among P-Funk collectables. The band splintered soon after the album was issued, but various members remained active in the music business: Brailey would go on to form Mutiny, Kevin Goins joined the Space Cadets, Fitz played with Bootsy's New Rubber Band and Dixon, as part of the Chops horn section, plays with many of today's top pop and soul artists.


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