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100 MEN Members included: MIK- STIG - ANDY - OOG - FRED - MIKE -ZAK - LYDIA -STEVE - CAZ and more... Record Label: unsigned One Hundred Men were a Skinhead Reggae band from Northern England - UK (Doncaster). Formed in 1989. by ex-members of Skin Deep. They were one of the first Skinhead Reggae bands from the late 80's to revive the early Reggae sound. 100 Men released 3 demos: "Yard Tapes" 1990 - Ball with my baby, Hungry in Dun Laoghaire, What a wonderful World and Yard Version. "In session 2" 1991 - Time is tight, Hungry in Dun Laoghaire, I Wish and Tell Me About it. "Reggae Juk" 1993 - Reggae Juk and Rocksteady 2. The bands lead singer (Mik) later went to join Babyshambles who notably covered the 100 Men song "I Wish". Mik started playing guitar when he was 13 years old but the interest was there from an early age when he visited a music shop with his father, saw an electric guitar on the wall and was told "dont touch that - it's really loud!". He later went on to play with Kill City, Finley Quaye's band, SKA group 100 Men and 1980's punk outfit Skin Deep before joining Babyshambles. He is, according to Pete Doherty, "the finest SKA guitarist in the UK".


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