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There are several bands with the name Inferno. 1. Inferno (CZ) is a raw black metal band founded in 1996 in Karviná Hranice, Czech Republic. Lyrical themes of this blasphemous horde encompass paganism, Slavonic history, and war. The band is currently signed to Agonia Records. 2. Inferno (UA) is a gothic metal band from Kyiv, Ukraine. 3. Inferno is a ''grind'n'roll'' band from Rome, Italy. They mix the elements of metal, hardcore and rock music with electronic sounds. 4. Inferno is a power metal band from Estonia. 5. Inferno is a black metal band from France, ex-Merrimack members. 6. Inferno is a punk band formed in 2008 in Essex. 7. Inferno was a hardcore punk band from Augsburg, Germany (~1982-1989). A Great Hardcore band from West Germany, who are probably most famous and remembered for their split LP with Japans Execute. These guys played some great melodic, fast hardcore thrash that was sung in both German and English. 8. Inferno was a punk band from Sweden. They released some material on Beat Butchers and parts of the band ended later up in Åka Bil and Tuk Tuk Rally. 9. Inferno is a thrash metal band from Heredia, Costa Rica. 10. Inferno is also a band based in India. 11. Inferno was a pop band from Sweden which released one album, "The Roman Empire" and two singles, "Ave Cleopatra" and "Sexual Excesses" in the 90s, before fading back into obscurity. 12. Inferno was a progressive thrash band from Florida, USA. Their one and only album "Psychic Distance" was released in 1994 by Massacre Records.

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