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Vad som retar mig (2004)
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Alright then, our life's history... The band started in 1982. 6-10 was one of the founding members with Tott joining shortly after. Members came and went for a couple of years. Former members include Crippa (Attentat, Full Metal Jacketz, Troublemakers), Jens (Tatuerade Snutkukar, Full Metal Jacketz, Troublemakers), Senap (Bumssen Muss Mann) and H-son (Sune Studs & Gr...nlandsrockarna, Full Metal Jacketz, Rampant Dogs). Micke then joined the band in 1986. During the 90s we had a bit of a break with everybody being busy playing with other bands. We never quit though. Then, in 2000, we were asked to do a gig. We got our current drummer Christ (Libresse, Atomvinter, Goo) and did the gig. This got us going properly so we did more gigs, made our first cd-ep ("Nu f...r du dra!" avaliable for download at our homepage). We did more gigs and decided it was time to make our firts full-length cd. So we did and released "Vad som retar mig" on our own. (That complete cd is also avaliable for download at our homepage. go crazy ;)... ). Then last year we took another break (shorter this time) but now we are back. We've just started to record a new cd and we're better than ever. (in swedish)

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