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Yoshie Nakano (21/04/74) Vocal/ songs and lyrics Masaki Mori (28/02/74) Guitar/songs EGO-WRAPPIN' profile EGO-WRAPPIN' is a unit formed in 1996 in Osaka. Members include Yoshie Nakano (vocals, writes lyrics and music) and Masaki Mori (guitar, writes music). They established the project in their hometown of Osaka and later relocated to Tokyo. Persistent sales of their exceptional debut "Blues of Colors" (2000) built nationwide recognition, representing their unique artistry through cabaret music and Showa popular songs, which was inspired by Jazz of the pre-war years. EGO-WRAPPIN' is a unique and rare artist. Each work constructed with novel and fascinating musicianship, draws the attention of the Japanese music scene. The EGO-sound reflects free atmosphere and hot emotion, which Jazz and Rock music had prior to becoming just titles of genres, and draws from the spirit of our living world. Facing music sincerely, jumping the walls of genres easily, they will tell you how to enjoy music with their pop sense. You feel their song vibrations directly. EGO-WRAPPIN's thrilling performances of their exciting material have become romantic miracles of today. Biography 1996 Ego-Wrappin' was formed in Osaka in 1996. 1998 They released their first full album "Blue Speaker" in June 1998, propelling them to the forefront of the Osaka indies charts. 1998 At the end of 1998 one of their songs was selected for use on the TV drama series "Kirakira Hikaru". The song was also included on the soundtrack CD of the same series. 1999 In February 1999, they released mini album "His Choice of Shoes Is Ill", which for the first time included lyrics penned by Yoshie in Japanese. 1999 They released the mini album "Swing for Joy" in November 1999. "A Love Song" featured DETERMINATIONS gained popularity amongst many local radio stations. 1999 In December 1999 they made their live debut in Tokyo with an acoustic set at Aoyama CAY. 2000 In January 2000, they held a release party for "Swing for Joy" at Shibuya's Club Quattro, of the most famous live venues in Tokyo, following which they conducted a tour of many of Japan's major cities. 2000 In February 2000, Yoshie launched her solo project JuJu Kneipp with a number of prominent Japanese famous musicians, releasing the mini album "Algolagnia". 2000 In August 2000 Ego-Wrappin' released the mini album "Shikisai no Blues", which went on to become one of their most successful albums, following which they conducted a national tour. More than 800 fans flocked to a small nightclub in Tokyo to see Ego-Wrappin's gig. 2000 In November 2000 they joined a number of prominent bands such as Kazufumi Kodama, The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Dry & Heavy and Little Tempo in contributing to "Ska Stock", a tribute album for The Skatalites. 2000 Their 7 inch analogue release "Flowers" from the mini album "Shikisai no Blues" sold out almost immediately. 2001 In January 2001, Yoshie took part in "Beautiful Days" by Fantastic Plastic Machine. At the same time, "Shikisai no Blues" was chosen as the theme song for the film "Sadistic & Masochistic" by director Hideo Nakano. 2001 In addition to establishing their own label "Minor Swing" in May 2001, they also released their full length major label debut "Michishio no Romance" through Universal Music, which featured contributions from a range of other musicians. "Psychoanalysis" from this album was selected as a recommended track by a number of TV and radio stations including MTV Japan, Space Shower and Viewsic, earning its video considerable airtime. 2001 In July 2001 they conducted another national tour from Hokkaido to Okinawa, during which they were joined on stage by a range of musical collaborators. The same month they also made their debut appearance at the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL (Japan's biggest and the most famous live music festival). 2001 In August 2001 they took part in the SUNSET LIVE 2001 music festival in Fukuoka. The festival was held on the beach and its atmosphere was incredible. 2001 In October 2001, "Noraneko no theme", a collaboration with Kazuhumi Kodama, one of the greatest trumpet players in Japan, was chosen as the theme song for the film "Pistol Opera". Masaki also appeared on the Mama! Milk CD album "Lamb and Mutton". 2001 In November 2001, "Teennesee Waltz", a collaboration between Yoshie and the guitar duo Gontiti was included on a TV drama. Aremixed and re-mastered version of "Shikisai no Blues" was also released as "Midnight Dejavu - Shikisai no Blues". 2001 In December 2002 Yoshie took part in "So Much To Learn, So Little We Know", a charity album for Afghan refugees. 2002 In January 2002 Ego-Wrappin' staged an audacious live show at IMP Hall. 2002 In March 2002 they again defied convention by conducting a special concert at an historic shrine in Kyoto. 2002 Their 3rd full-length album "Night Food" was released in July 2002. "Kuchibashi ni Cherry" from that album was chosen as the theme song for a popular TV drama. "Night Food" has gone on to become their most successful album to date. 2002 In the summer of 2002 they took part in a number of music festivals including the RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL. 2002 In September they launched another national tour with a show at the Liquid Room in Shinjuku. 2002 On New Years Eve in December 2002 they held a count down show at the Ebisu Garden Hal in Tokyo in front of more than 2,000 fans. 2003 In May, Masaki selected songs for the CD "Rock a shake vol.3 ~Move! Baby Move~". The band also held their first gig after a half year break. 2003 In the summer of 2003 they again took part in various summer music festivals including FUJI ROCK、LIVE STOCK 2003、the RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL、and the KOIWAI ROCK FESTIVAL. 2003 In August 2003 Yoshie's solo project JuJu KNEIPP made a guest performance at the final show of CLAM's tour, their first time on stage together for 2 years. 2003 After again hosting a New Year's countdown gig in Ebisu, Tokyo, they conducted their first live show of 2004.

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