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Sandy Rogers
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Fool for Love (1985)
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(I hated seeing the Sandy profile blank so I am putting my plea for more Sandy into the artist profile box.) Okay, I am not a writer but I am a listener...and I LOVE Sandy Rogers, I wrecked three, that's right THREE, Sandy Rogers cassettes of the Fool For Love soundtrack (it's also how I met my now ex-big flame) and have been waiting for years YEARS! for the damn thing to be released as on a CD...why? Because it's Sandy and she's a whole lot more that the one song on R.Dogs soundtrack. 17+ years later and I still have the F.F.L. soundtrack songs cemented in my head. I have the Green Moon soundtrack and it is worth the purchase esp. the tracks DOWN IN THE VALLEY, Suburban Boys & Raggedy Ann. Honestly, I think if she had a bit more money this would have been a much better CD but it works till Fool for Love is released or the next Sandy CD comes around. Till then, I remain a fool for love for Sandy.

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