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Germany (2002 - present) "Irrlicht" is German for "The Will'o'The Wisp". This mythical creature was known to the old Romans as "Ignis Fatuus" or the light of fate. According to legend, they led nocturnal wanderers astray, if not to their deaths. These modern-day "Die Irrlichter" entrance their audience and lure them with music from days gone by and worlds far far away. The band excites listeners both at their live performances and on four released albums, with their foot-stomping dances, tragic ballads, saucy ditties and own compositions of fairy-tale stories. Their harmonised vocals and part singing are accompanied by reproductions of historic instruments such as bass lute, harp, renaissance recorders, nyckelharpa, davul, shaume and bagpipes. Live performances get their special touch and atmosphere through the lively commentary, the large variety of instruments and the even larger repertoire of music. What is already a feast for your ears turns into a feast for your eyes through supporting acts of juggling and the themed costumes worn by the musicians. The debut album Koboldtanz (Goblin's Dance) was released in 2002 and met with thrilled listeners everywhere. May 2004 saw the release of the second album Elfenhain (Elven Wood), which is especially renowned for its merry and sometimes saucy tunes. The album Angelus ad Virginem (From The Angel To The Virgin), released in autumn 2005, had a wintery and christmasy theme and showed "Die Irrlichter" from their quieter, romantic side. Contrasting this, the current album Aventiure (Adventure) from 2006 leads into a world of adventurers, cutpurses and witches. The current album Goldstück (released in autumn 2008) leads you to the dark side of fairy tale. Current line-up: Brigitta Jaroschek ("Ilara die Vielsaitige") - vocals, bass lute, six-string and 12-string guitars, cittern, mandoline, harp, Jew's harp Stephanie Keup ("Ioana die Liederliche") - vocals, flutes, rauschpfeife, chalumeau, nyckelharpa, hammer and anvil Jutta Simon-Alt ("Die Eifelflamme") - vocals, bagpipes, shawm, flutes Jutta Tiedge ("Hayat - tanzt an der Trommel") - davul, lance-knight drum, darabuka, cymbals, percussion Daniela Heiderich ("Ela Engelhaar") - flutes, rauschpfeife, shawm, bagpipes, harp, crumhorn Former Members: Anna Karin ("Das Tanzweib Lacrima") - vocals, davul, percussion, lute, cymbals, dance Ulla Kramer ("Die gurrende Geigerin") - violin, viola Christine Krull-Kosubek ("Das schöne Wib") - vocals, bagpipes (galician gaita, Hümmelchen), gemshorn, flutes, jingles Ulrike Endesfelder ("Linja") - vocals, flutes, rauschpfeife, violin, percussion Christoph Danielec ("Meister Argyll") - vocals, shawm, rauschpfeife, flutes, bagpipes, war horn Edwin Meißner ("Der Teufelsgeiger") - violin

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