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Pop/rock band from Poughkeepsie, NY featuring ex-member of That's Outrageous! and The Best Week Ever, Tom DeGrazia. Is it punk or is it hardcore? Who cares? Since 1997, Fast Times has been playing aggressive, energetic music that echos the influence of bands like Minor Threat, SSD, and Negative Approach. Ali's vocal style commands attention as she belts out lyrics that address issues such as abuse, following your heart, and the punk ethic. Ali also collaborates with Kid Dynamite and Andy of Kill Your Idols in "Three's a Party", a song on the latest Kid Dynamite cd, "Shorter, Faster, Louder". The dedication of Ali, Chris, Graham, and Steve has taken them to 12 different countries, and across the USA. "Tour, take me away" is their motto, as Fast Times intends to take their music around the world and back. The crux of this band is their impressive live performance, and if there is a scene wherever you are, Fast Times will find it ! Line Up : vox : fast ali guitar : frump drums : seven starr bass : graham Fast Times is also a rad house project that releases tapes.

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