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Stone Cold World (1993)
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El Monte, California




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Alvin Lowell Trivette

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Alvin Lowell Trivette, known as A.L.T., is a Mexican-American rapper. known for the 1991 hit "Lowrider (On the Boulevard)" (as a member of Latin Alliance) and the 1992 hit "Tequila" (#48 on the Billboard Hot 100). He is of Mexican and French descent. A.L.T. joined the rap supergroup, Latin Alliance in 1991. After their first and only album, A.L.T. went solo and released his debut album, Another Latin Timebomb in 1992. The following year, he put out his second album, Stone Cold World.
His song, "Refried Beans" depicts the classic Latin culture, infused with the spice and jive of urban America. As heard in the movie, "Blast Trap," "Refried Beans" is heard in the background during the house party scene. ALT makes a cameo appearance in the film. He is shown coming out of the bathroom and saying the line, "Yo man, there aint enough TP in the house if EVERYONE is eating dem beans!" in 1995 A.L.T. teamed up with Kid Frost again and released the hit "East Side Rendezvous", which was an international hit. A.L.T. has written lyrics for many artist including Kid Frost, HWA, and even Eazy E to mention a few. His music has appeared in many movies and television such as Touched by an Angel (CBS), The Real World (MTV) and movies like "The Substitute" starring Tom Berenger. World Renown Paul Parrilla, is known for his tattoo shop in Pomona, California. Nicknamed "The Joker", Parrilla is responsible for many pieces of tattoo artwork on A.L.T. Parrilla is also featured in various music videos by A.L.T. and is lauded in his performances.



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