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Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden
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Kate Tucker an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist born and raised in the state of Ohio. At 16 Kate was given a guitar by the acclaimed luthier Kevin Ryan. She began work on a catalog of songs she would perform from Akron, Ohio to Paris, France. She eventually made the trek west, settling in Seattle, Washington. In 2005, Kate Tucker released her first record, Eros Turannos, produced by Ryan Hadlock (Metric, Blonde Redhead). Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden formed in 2007, recording an album of lush indie pop with sparkling melodies and shimmering soundscapes. Their self-titled debut was produced by Ryan Hadlock and features Nic Danielson of The Kindness Kind and Seattle folk luminary Damien Jurado. Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden been featured on iTunes singer-songwriter page and on the playlists of Starbucks stores nationwide. Starbucks included "Faster than Cars Drive" on its Have You Heard compilation and Kate also contributed a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" for the Starbucks Sweetheart Compilation. In 2008, the band toured nationally in support of the album, showcasing at SXSW, Bumbershoot, and CMJ. In April 2009, the official video for "In the End" was released on Myspace Music. It was filmed on a Bolex 16mm film camera over the course of one day in Seattle and another day in Los Angeles. The music video for "Say Love" from Kate's EP Eros Turannos won the grand prize for video on In April 2008, Paste Magazine featured it on their site. The official Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden video for "Everything Went Down" was also featured by Paste. In 2009 Kate parted with the Sons of Sweden. Kate's new project, honeydove, debuted at SXSW 2009. Back in Seattle, Kate is currently at work on a third album.

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