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Latyrx is a hip-hop group comprised of MCs Lateef The Truth Speaker and Lyrics Born. The two first showed off their skills with the 1993 release of "Send Them". In 1996, their track, fittingly named "Latyrx", debuted via Solesides. The song featured both MCs rapping with their own unique styles over the same beat with both raps being layered on top of each other and played simultaneously to create a cacophony of rhythm and style unlike anything before it. In 1997, The Album debuted. It was a mixture of solo tracks from each, with a few tracks featuring both. Chief Xcel, part of the Quannum Projects and Blackalicious, was featured on two of the tracks. The album got great reviews for being adventurous and creative. The Album was followed by "The Muzrapper's Mix" in 1998, which had tracks including the legendary Latyrx song, "Lady Don't Tek No". Shortly after, Solesides Collective was transformed into the current "Quannum Projects". Lyrics Born and Lateef have since gone on to do their own projects. Lyrics Born has released several solo albums while Lateef has worked with many artists including Mos Def and Fatboy Slim. The two have joined forces a few times such as for the song "The Last Trumpet" on Lyrics Born's debut album, "Later That Day" and the song "8 Point Agenda" found on Lyrics Born's mix tape, The Lyrics Born Variety Show: Season One. While the promise of a Latyrx reunion is inevitable, the actual realization of a new album by these two MCs remains up in the air as both continue to expand their horizons respectively with their own solo careers.

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