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Made of Hate
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Warsaw, Poland

2007 to Present...

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"Made Of Hate" is an aspiring Polish melodic death metal band, originally from Warsaw, Poland. Made Of Hate was created in early 2007. Band members had known each other from their previous metal act called Archeon. Before the Made Of Hate era, musicians played countless shows across Poland and got a pretty decent recognition. Yet, the decision was made to leave the old flag and have a brand new start with a fresh and revised music. Michał Kostrzyński, as a composer and songwriter to both Archeon and Made Of Hate, decided to leave keyboards behind and focus more on guitar work that he had become known for.
After the decision was made the brand new band - Made Of Hate, headed to the Zed Studio to record their first album entitled Bullet In Yout Head and promptly recorded the album and started to look for a partner to release their music. It didn't last long, since they got a call from AFM Records. The label signed the band and from now on Made Of Hate became a newcomer with album ready to be released.
Made Of Hate got recognition and became known for Kostrzyński's shredding, his exquisite guitar lines and solos combined with heavy riffs and pounding drum lines.
In 2012 Jarek Kajszczak the bands original bass player decided to leave the band and was replaced by Marlena Rutkowska, they had known her from her amateur band next door at the rehearsal complex.

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