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White Mice
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Providence, Rhode Island

2001 to Present...

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The White Mice are an abrasive, experimental, industrial, noise rock and noisegrind band from Providence, Rhode Island. They consist of vocals, drums, bass and electronics, but, live, often have a rotation of guest members playing guitars, electronica and custom, unidentifiable circuit-bent instruments. Formed in late 2001, the band's first live performance, 10/31/01, took titular and visual inspiration from an old, open sewers era, British slang, for used tampons and tissue floating in a sewer. A slang still in use by plumbers today. They are known to use any level of humor, portmanteau terms and re-imagined puns thru out much of their work. (for example, they refer to their myspace as their "micespace") In time, developing their own unique slang language, boobonics, as they re-imagine post apocalyptic soundscapes where a primal rats eye view of some kind of twisted alternate mutant human history, and reality, prevails. The strong sense of irreverence, humor and creativity in all their work brings them a growing cult following as the band continues to play with the image and possibilities of the musical medium on record and continues to play and tour often.

Known for unforgettable live performances, they adorn bloody lab outfits and custom circuit-bent mouse masks, and create a harsh, furious sound, a mix of bass and drum heavy rhythms, thick with distortion and wound full of howling live electronic manipulation and blistering vocals.

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