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Hadouk Trio is a group of Ethno-jazz or Jazz World . Its members are:

Didier Malherbe : duduk , flute , ocarina , clarinet & soprano saxophone
Loy Ehrlich : hajouj : kora , thumb piano and keyboards
Steve Shehan : percussion ( djembe , congas , darbuka , hadgini, udu , sanza , hang , "air bow" ...)
Hadouk Trio was dedicated Better training in the category "Artist Training instrumental or" the Victoires du Jazz 2007.

The name "Hadouk" is the contraction of the names of the two main instruments played respectively by Loy and Didier Hajhouj (low or guembri African) and Duduk (Armenian oboe).

Didier Malherbe and Loy Ehrlich coexist in the early 70s, in their respective groups, Gong and Crium Delirium, who travel the circuit MJC and sometimes share the poster for concerts and festivals. Began a long friendship culminating twenty years later a regular collaboration, first on discs Malherbe, then in 1996 with a duet album, Hadouk .

In parallel, the two artists worked on the composition of a concept album which will be released in 1998 under the name of Desert Lands , in which Joel will Grare percussion on two tracks.

The duo became a trio with percussionist Steve Shehan arrival and becomes Hadouk Trio author's day 4 studio albums, Shamanimal (1999), Now (2003), Utopia (2006) and Air Hadouk (2010) and several live.

In 2007, Hadouk Trio was rewarded Trophy "better training of the Year" at the Victoires du Jazz .

The trio becomes quartet when guitarist Eric Löhrer joined the group. Percussionist Jean-Luc Di Fraya replaces Steve Shehan. The first album as a quartet, Hadoukly Yours appears in November 2013.


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