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Teenage Bad Girl is a group of French electronic music composed by Guillaume Manbell and Greg Kazubski.Guillaume Manbell begins early music by learning the battery. Greg Kazubski receives for his classical piano training .

The History of Teenage Bad Girl begins in 2004 when William Manbell decides to publish the music he creates through a label that will establish, Archibell Records . He released an EP consists of 4 tracks named It's Been Too Long in the pseudo Alyoa.

Shortly after he met Greg Kazubski on the internet where they share their creations via the Soulseek software , this is the beginning of the duo. Greg Kazubski will remix a piece of Guillaume released another maxi, always entitled It's Been Too Long, accompanied by a remix from Lifelike.

The group took shape shortly after they inspire such a film to give the name of Teenage Bad Girl group.

They then presented their first remix of Scissor Sisters "I Do not Feel Like Dancin '." This is also the time where they create their first joint pieces "Hands Of A Stranger" and "Ghost House" that will be released in Archibell Records .

Following their success, Citizen Records contacted them and hope they create their first album. The label is one of Vitalic and boys are fans of the artist, they directly accept the proposal. This will result in long work weeks to see the birth of their first album Cocotte composed of 14 tracks. Cocotte EP was also released via the label and will not go unnoticed in the world of french touch .

Today, Teenage Bad Girl running in many theaters. Among their creations, there are remixes of Goose , Boys Noize , Chromeo or Felix Da Housecat .

A second album was born under the name of "Pot 2.0" two-CD includes the original album and ten remixes made by or for the group. Maxi "Hands Of A Stranger 2.0" was also released.

In 2008, Greg Kazubski released a maxi solo under the name Kazyo, "Teenage Bad Girl is Dead" in Archibell Records . Guillaume Manbell gave him a remix of the song "Time Machine" TBS is released by Sismic Records .

May 2011, the duo announced the release date of their new album Backwash, an album "based more on ideas," according to William Manbell and Greg Kazubski. It will be released on June 6, and will include the already known Tonton Funk Keep up with you titles. The group also offers a free download as The Wave via their website.

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