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Cari Lekebusch
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1994 to Present...

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Agent Orange

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A leading figure in the second generation of techno producers to emerge from the electronic music explosion of the early 1990ʼs, Cari Lekebusch has sustained a twenty-year career in music through an unwavering commitment to quality and an unquenchable desire to constantly move things forward. Currently enjoying a particularly inspired period of productivity, Lekebusch recently released his latest studio album – ʻYou Are A Hybrid Too – on his Stockholm-based H-Productions imprint. Received with universal praise from press and peers alike; the relevance to the modern music market of his twentieth studio album in his twentieth year as a recording artist has proven, yet again, that Cari Lekebuschʼs reputation as an enduring and proactive force within the techno community is rock solid; maintaining his profile within a scene he was partly responsible for creating.

Credited as being the figurehead of the globally influential Swedish Techno scene that subsequently spawned internationally recognized names such as Adam Beyer, Jesper Dahlbäck, Alexi Delano and Joel Mull, Lekebuschʼs standing as a studio innovator and production authority is well documented. He has borne many pseudonyms over the course of his illustrious career to date including Fred, Mr. Barth, Braincell, Shape Changer, Vector, and The Mantis as he has experimented with sounds across a range from techno to electro; releasing on both seminal techno labels such as Drumcode, Truesoul, Novamute, Soma, Primevil, Masters of Disaster, Fine Audio Recording, Harthouse, Turbo, Mote Evolver, 430West and Tresor, as well as cutting edge new- school imprints like International Sound Laboratory, Mindshake, 8 Sided Dice and Sleaze Records.

Most recently, Cari has focused his output on his own H-Productions label. The label has been releasing its distinctive brand of ever-so-slightly left-of-centre techno since 1994, however 2011 saw the beginning of a new way of working for Lekebuschʼs imprint. Motivated by the dual inspirations of the labelʼs original name – Hybrid Productions – and the brands long legacy within techno, a concept was born which brought together a select group of artists whose musical style complimented one another and whose heritage matched that of the label. This deliberate hoarding and nurturing of creative forces within a group dynamic has breathed new life into the label; allowing Lekebusch the creative time and space to approach his own work in a less pressurized environment and provided a revitalized and resurgent label structure within which H-Productions artists can grow.

With an artist roster containing The Advent, Jesper Dahlbäck, Joel Mull, Alexi Delano, Tony Rohr, Industrialyzer and Nima Kahk, the H-Productions concept is most openly expressed via the labels creative production projects. So far notching up artist albums from Cari Lekebusch, The Advent, Alexi Delano and Tony Rohr as well as imaginative compilation projects such as the Mutations, Rejuvenations, Recombinations and Archeology series; which each in turn explore a particular theme, whether it be challenging the labels roster to make new tracks out of the parts of earlier releases; remixing classic tracks from the back catalogue; joining together to create original collaborations or delving into the artists own personal production libraries to compile their own collections of historical influences. 2012 will also see the launch of the labels Internet radio station.

Coining the term ʻSound Architectʼ to describe his work as a performer, Cari Lekebusch is an instinctive and imaginative DJ with a distinctive style that has earned him a loyal and fanatical fan base. Invited as a regular guest to the premier techno shows across Europe, Asia, North and South America, Cari is most at home playing closing sets that snake between full-on peak-time exuberance and ever so slightly off-the-wall deepness. When not playing solo Cari can be found leading the line at H-Production showcase and album launch events at Berghain and Tresor, Berlin; Fabric, London; Melkweg, Amsterdam; Berns, Stockholm; Komplex, Zurich; Treehouse, Miami; Forum, Medellin; Marco Polo, Slovenia; Elektroküche, Cologne; Club Lehmann, Stuttgart; Button Factory, Dublin; Doornrosje, Nijmegen; Universal DOG, Lahr and Free Your Mind Festival, Arnham.

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