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In the spring of '94 four friends are talking about their mutual interest: Hardcore Music. They decide it's time to start their own band, playing music they love. One week later Wyb (guitar), Patrick (vocals), Frank (bass) and Richard (drums) get together for their first rehearsal. From then on they are known as Backfire!. In the following weeks they write their first couple of songs, and record them on their first demo titled "The Last Time". The reactions are unanimously positive, and when German label "Lost & Found" get their hands on a copy of the demo they decide to offer Backfire! record deal. After weeks of delay Backfire!'s first recording "Who Told You Life Is Easy?" is released in October '95. They start playing their first shows all over Holland, and Belgium alongside hardcore legends like Warzone, Madball and 25 Ta Life. Soon their reputation is set. Less than 6 months later Backfire!'s first full-length CD "Rebel 4 Life" is released. Impressed with the quality of "Rebel 4 Life" New York hardcore legends Warzone ask Backfire! to support them on their 6 week European tour. At the end of their tour Backfire! have a disagreement with "Lost & Found", and the band decides to leave the label and look for a new record deal. Several labels show interest in Backfire!, and they finally sign a deal with "Kingfisher Records", and a couple of months later they are in the studio to record their second full-length album "All Bets Are Off", which is released in September '97. In the following months Backfire! tours Europe with Deviate, and play tons of shows all over Europe to promote their critically acclaimed album. At this time Backfire!'s popularity reaches its climax, and they become a household name to every hardcore fan in Europe. The continuous touring and playing takes its toll at the end of October '98, when they are touring Europe with 25 Ta Life, they decide it's time to take some time of before they start writing new songs. Richard uses this time to play the drums on the Commin' Correct tour in Europe and to record an album with his side project Determined. Unfortunately on March 20th 1999, Richard takes his own life. His friends and family are shocked to hear this sad news, and it takes several months before Backfire! starts thinking about their future as a band. Replacing someone like Richard is hard, but finally they decide to continue with Homethrust drummer Igor. In June 2000 record their new album "Still Dedicated" at the Hautregard Studio in Herve, Belgium and onca again toured all over Europe with Madball and many more. A year later they recorded a new EP The War Stars Here, which was released in September 2001 during theyre European Tour with Breakdown and Maximum Penalty on the First Eastpak Resistance Tour. After two years of hard work these M-Town Rebels are back with a new record. Change The Game was recorded in Brooklyn, NY and was prodcued by Mike Dijan from Breakdown an Math Henderson from Madball and A.F While recording the record Backfire! also played a couple of shows with Madball in Cbgb's and Connecticut right after they got together with Freddy Madball and Billy Grazaidei(who the've met on the Biohazard Backfire european tour) who both appear on this great new record. Backfire! will play all the major festivals this summer and will tour Europe after the summer to promote this new studio album. So check these guys out and understand why Backfire! is one of the leading European Hardcore bands. Right now we are writing songs for an new album and we are playing clubshow every weekend,come and see us,check the show list. peace.



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