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Jacaszek (read: ya-tsa-sheck) (Michał Jacaszek), author and producer of electroacoustic music, combining electronically prepared sounds with acoustic instruments, born in 1972 in Gdańsk, Poland. Started his music adventure from illustrating poetry. In 1999 he released CDR with Waldemar Ślefarski's poems "Wiersze Zmieszane" and young Polish poets' works "Rocznik Dźwiękowy" . In 2001 he recorded an album with songs of Miłka Malzahn, "Mapa". It was called a "trip hop sung poetry ". The album was released at 2003 (Offmusic Rec). In 2003 a "Lem Konzept" project came to daylight. It has a form of broadcast play, but performed live with an actor reading texts of Stanisłam Lem and Jacaszek playing his music. In 2004 Jacaszek released "Lo-Fi Stories" (Gusstaff Rec). He also presented the album as live performance all over Poland. In 2005 the second album with Miłka Malzahn was released. (Gusstaff Rec). "Sequel" is a continuation in the line of joining together modern electronic music and "sung poetry". The ambient masterpiece "Treny" was released in May of 2008. Released under the Miasmah record label, it is Jacaszek's most mature record to date. By many it is believed to surpass the more recent "Pentral" - an experiment in field recording, wherein Jacaszek chose three cathedrals of Trójmiasto as sources for his samples. "Glimmer", the latest album by Jacaszek was released by american label Ghostly International (worldwide) and Gustaff Records (in Poland) in 2011.

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