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Farmer Boys
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Stuttgart, Germany

1994 to Present...

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Artist Biography
Farmer Boys is a heavy metal band from Stuttgart, Germany. They reached their peak of popularity with their album The World Is Ours, released in 2000; the videos for singles "Here Comes The Pain" and "If You Ever Leave Me Standing" were put into heavy rotation by German alternative music channels such as VIVA Zwei. Farmer Boys has obtained a cult following in later years.

Their musical style is a blend of Machine Head's groove metal and Paradise Lost's gothic metal; their lyrical matter, however, unusually to the style, often revolves around the darker side of agriculture - bestiality ("Farm Sweet Farm"), torture of animals ("When a Chicken Cries For Love"), suicide ("Relieve the Tension)" and slaughterhouses ("When Pigs Fly"). Their later albums have strayed away from the subject matter.

Matthias Sayer also provided guest vocals for Apocalyptica's single Hope Vol.2.

As of June 2007, very little news regarding the band has been forthcoming since the release of The Other Side in 2004. There are concerns amongst the fans that the band has split up, however there has been no formal press release regarding this.

In 2008 after four years had passed since the release of The Other Side the group performed a reunion concert in Stuttgart on 22 December.

Having been silent since 2008, however, in 2011 the band played a concert at Summer Breeze Open Air, on 20 August in Dinkelsb├╝hl, Germany. No official statement was made concerning about new possible studio album or the future of the band.

In December 2016 the guitarist Alexander Scholpp informed the return of the band, with three shows in the Spring of 2017 in Germany, plus a new album which is due to be released in Autumn 2017.

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