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Edison Glass, a band that derived its name from a hypothetical combination of two historical figures: inventor Thomas Edison and composer Phillip Glass. Band members Joshua Silverburg (vocals and guitars), Josh "Mountain" Morin (bass, vocals, and piano), Joe Morin (drums, percussion, bells, and piano), and James Usher (guitars) craft a unique and instantly dazzling sound. Playing a style of Rock/Punk/Indie/Pop, they definitively distinguish themselves from any others. Although they can be described as similar to bands like Mute Math or House of Heroes, they create a style that is in and of itself truly unique. With two true lead singers, Edison Glass's Joshua Silverburg and Josh "Mountain" Morin blend their almost opposite voice styles to harmonies of marvelous quality. Intoxicating guitar rifts and harmonies and a clear presence of drums and bass that play off of each other and drive the music add to the listener's experience. Listeners looking for an artsy, different, and quality band will find what they're looking for in Edison Glass. Releases from Edison Glass include: "A Burn Or A Shiver", "Let Go EP", and "Time Is Fiction", all released with Credential Recordings.

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