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Sita Maria Vermeulen (born 8 June 1980), known by the mononym Sita, is a Dutch pop singer. She rose to fame in the early 2000s as part of pop group K-otic. After the band disbanded in 2003, she had a brief solo career before turning to television, where she would be featured primarily on children's television and was a candidate on the Dutch Dancing With The Stars. Since 2009, she has been hosting the Dutch Disney Channel.

Sita's career started in 2001 when she entered in the Dutch television show Starmaker, which was a talent show intended to create a band. During the show, Sita became a member of a band which was called K-otic. Partly due to the popularity of the show, the band scored a few hits. In December 2001, Sita left the band to have a solo career, releasing "Happy", her first solo single. In January 2002 her first solo album, also called Happy, followed.

In 2002, Sita released Happy in the United States, and "Happy" as a song was also included in the soundtrack of The Wild Thornberrys. As a consequence of her being involved in that movie's album, she received some coverage on Nickelodeon. Within Europe, she became more known in 2003 when she had the hit song "Le Chemin" together with the French band Kyo. In 2007, Spanish singer Edurne released a cover of her song "Come With Me" under the name Ven Por Mi, achieving success in the Spanish charts.

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