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1. Baby Snakes are Damon Karr, Connor Alfaro, and Faugh Eliath; from Petaluma, Ca. They were formerly known as Planet Of The Apes 2. After Wig Wam dissolved last year, guitarist Trond Holter (known from his work with Jorn and Dream Police as well) and bassist Bernt Jansen decided to form a more straight hard rock new band: BABY SNAKES. Musically, a quick comparison would be Great White, Dream Police or some 80s Tesla, but the style & sound from Baby Snakes has that distinct European scent as well. Scandinavian, to be more precise, cause some of the hooklines are straight out of the Wig Wam soundbook and this makes the whole package even more attractive. Don't expect a sweaty, dirty hard rock sound on "Gunslingers", all is potent but crystal clear thanks to a pristine production. Band Members: Trond Holter (Jorn, Wig Wam, Dream Police) - Guitars Bernt Jansen (Wig Wam, Artch) - Bass Christian Klykken (Podium) - Vocals Magnus Galguften - Drums Baby Snakes - Gunslingers (2013) Tracklist: 01. Diagnosis Nymphomania 02. Give You My Love 03. In And Out 04. Moonshine Time 05. Gunslinger 06. Judgement Day 07. Deadman City 08. Nobody's Son 09. Juicy Lucy 10. Blow My Mind 11. Trollsang

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