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Carlos Jiménez
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Córdoba, Argentina




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La Mona Jiménez

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Juan Carlos Jiménez Rufino (born January 11, 1951), known as La Mona Jiménez, is a cuarteto singer. He was born in Córdoba, Argentina.

When he was a child, Jiménez used to play Tarzan with other kids. His parents often told him he resembled Tarzan's chimpanzee companion Cheeta. This is allegedly how he got the nickname La Mona ("the monkey").

He started singing with Cuarteto Berna when he was 15 years old after winning a contest among 40 other singers. With this group he recorded five albums.

His first hit was La flaca Marta ("Skinny Marta") from the album Para toda América ("For All America"), released in 1984. His success allowed him to buy three brand-new cars and a house in the barrio of Cerro de Las Rosas, and to pay off a mortgage.

In 40 years of musical career Jiménez has recorded more than 75 CDs and sold more than 3 million copies all over Argentina. His 62nd CD, titled Beso a beso con La Mona ("From kiss to kiss with La Mona") sold more than one hundred thousand copies just in Córdoba.

He received the Platinum Konex Award for best Cuarteto soloist/band of the 1985-1995 decade in 1995 and of the 1995-2005 decade in 2005.



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