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Saïan Supa Crew is a French rap collective from the city of Bagneux, near Paris, composed of three groups: Explicit Samouraï, OFX, and Simple Spirit. The name 'Saïan Supa' is a reference to the Super Saiyan from the manga and animé Dragon Ball Z/GT. They have reached fame throughout Europe and the rest of the world due to the fact that even non-francophiles find it easy to fall victim to their infectious sense of rhythm. Saïan Supa Crew produces a very musical style of rap with hints of chanting, reggae and dancehall. Beat boxing also is an integral part of their music, as well as classic disco; for example, Ring My Bell was partially revisited on their album KLR. Their primary themes extend from drug problems (Que Dit-On?) to racism (La Preuve Par 3), including also relationships (A demi-nue), suicide (La Dernière Séance) and the justification of violence by religion (Au nom de quoi). Humor and seriousness are both at home in their lyrics. Their second album, X-Raisons, was awarded a Victoire de la musique in 2002 for Best Rap/Groove Album. Most of the groups of the collective have solo albums out as well. OFX was the first to debut, with their album Roots in February 2004, followed shortly by Explicit Samouraï in January 2005 and later by Sir Samuel whose solo album, Vizé Pli O, was released in April 2005. In 2009 Féfé released his solo debut, Jeune à la retraite. The latest album from the Saïan Supa Crew, Hold Up, was released Halloween 2005. On this album, the group demonstrated their breadth with three featured artists: German singer Patrice on 96 Degreez, the singer Camille on Si J'avais Su, and of the Black Eyed Peas on La Patte. Other group members include Vicelow, Sly the Mic Buddha, Leeroy Kesiah, Specta, and KLR (died 1999).

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