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In 1989, Santa Cruz Skateboards released 'Wheels of Fire,' a promotional video that would be remembered as much for its DIY soundtrack as for its documentation of the blistering street and ramp skating of Natas Kaupas, Steve Alba, Rob Roskopp, Claus Grabke, Jeff Kendall and Christian Hosoi. Directed by Scott Dittrich and featuring music by Eight Dayz (aka Eight Days a Week), a band lead by Grabke, and whose half-pipe skating with Hosoi is one of the highlights of the video, 'Wheels of Fire' has been acknowledged along with Powell Peralta's 'Bones 4: Public Domain' as paving the way for contemporary skate style and aesthetics more broadly. At that time unsigned, Santa Cruz paid for Grabke to go into the studio to record 'What's So Strange About Me?', 'He Who Beats Up Children,' 'Different Worlds,' Pick-Pocket Man' and 'Leave Me On My Own'. To this day, many Skaters love especially those songs. Three Eight Dayz albums would be recorded and released before Grabke decided to further his musical experimentation by way of other groups. The Eight Dayz song 'What's So Strange About Me?' was also featured on Thrasher Magazine's 'Thrasher Skate Rock Volume 5,' with the song credit being given to 'Eight Days A Week.'

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