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C.O.C.O. is the result of two funk-loving housemates, Olivia Ness (vocals, bass) and Chris Sutton (vocals, drums), deciding to create something new out of their love for the old school grooves of Sly & the Family Stone, the Meters, and E.S.G. Sutton had already been playing bass for Dub Narcotic Sound System for a few years when he and Ness formed C.O.C.O. in 2000. Ness, meanwhile, had only taught herself to play bass a year before (and had previously put those newfound skills to use in now-defunct local band, Decoy Decoy). The two instantly became part of a longstanding musical tradition in Olympia, WA — no, not just the independent-minded D.I.Y. spirit that permeates the state capitol — but the tradition of the duo as practiced by such K notables as Kicking Giant, the Softies, and the Need. According to Sutton, C.O.C.O. was “born of beats and blood.” He supplies the beats — specifically the breakbeat — via his polyrhythmic drumming, while Ness provides “all things soulful” via her floor-shaking bass vibrations (“the blood”) and her sensual, yet feisty vocals. Aside from their many funk influences, C.O.C.O. has also claimed as inspiration for their energetic, stripped-down sound such diverse artists as Can, the Talking Heads, and the B-52s and such genres/labels as Motown, disco, and punk. Their mission is to provide a minimalist, organic alternative to more digitally oriented dance music like techno and electronica.

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