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Ildjarn was a raw black metal solo project from Norway that formed in 1992. Ildjarn recorded music until 1997 but did not officially end until 2005. The man behind Ildjarn was Vidar Vaaer, although some releases were collaborations with a musician known as Nidhogg.

Of all the released music, the only Ildjarn song to have its lyrics published was Eksistensens Jeger, from the self-titled Ildjarn-Nidhogg compilation.

Ildjarn, along with fellow comrades Ihsahn and Samoth of the local Telemark area (Norway) formed the band ‘Thou Shalt Suffer’. The music consisted of Death Metal, genre that gained notoriety in the end of the 80’s and early nineties, but even darker than what the basics of Death Metal had defined. As musical duties, Ihsahn took care of guitars and vocals, Ildjarn was at the bass, whereas Samoth played guitars and Thorbjoern Akkerhaugen was on the drums. In the same year, the band released a rehearsal tape, a 7” EP and a demo under the name of ‘Into the woods of Belial’, which were later re-released on a single CD by Nocturnal Art Aroductions.

After participation in band ‘Thou Shalt Suffer’, Ildjarn, choosing not to have to go through the whole process of being involved with other individuals opted to create his own sound, under the banner of the same name, ‘Ildjarn’, a word which has no specific meaning.

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