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Stockholm, Sweden

1999 to Present...

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Anders Erik Roland Christell , better known as Andy Christell , (also as AC Christell and duck Christell ), born 14 June 1964, is a Swedish musician, best known as the bassist in the Electric Boys and Hanoi Rocks . Andy Christell started his music track along with sidekick Conny Blomqvist (which later changed its name to Bloom) and former Hanoi Rocks drummer Gyp Casino in the band Road Rats 1984th Road Rats were a punk / glam -set with an energetic live performance. Because of Gyp Casino cemented popularity in Finland , the group was very popular across the Baltic Sea and often played as a support act for Hanoi Rocks. They wrote and recorded an entire disc of the Finnish record label Johanna, but broke up in 1985 before it could be published. Christell had left the band before Christmas 1984th
The next project was Rolene , again with Blomqvist and Casino (now played guitar). The band was also the drummer Anders Bentell . Rolene did a little bigger name for themselves in Sweden than Road Rats and played in 1986 in LP Rollin 'With Rolene , which however did not sell particularly well. The band dissolved in the same year.

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