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Tales of Evening
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Budapest, Hungary

2011 to Present...

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I grew up on various music channels, so it is very long attempted to music on my way. Ever since I can remember, since I sing. Very small, I was 4 years old when he first stood on stage. My childhood was my dream of becoming a singer be with, I had been playing well the thought.
elementary school age, folk singing competitions I went and joined a choir, which I owe much, and at that time an enthusiastic, loyal to her teacher for my well.
As I began high school, next to enrolled music school. One and a half years, I learned to sing, with plans for further development are included.
singer of my age I was a band consisting of members. We played mostly remakes. Attila doing this my band heard Tales of the Evening idea. Contacts were contacted me and we started working together on. We started to record the songs followed each row of the trials, and it was the first concert.
mostly my free time I spend with my friends and loved ones.
absolutely love to sing, walk around, take pictures, draw. Moreover, even hobby is playing the guitar.
I like a lot of music, but my favorite is the different between most metal bands are playing. Folk, Black, Heavy ... A lot of my favorite bands are. Eg: Cradle of Filth, Arkona, Dimmu Borgir, Wisdom, Satyricon, Rhapsody, Ensiferum, etc. ...
Each trial is a new experience for the boys. I always feel good. I really like the distant concert venues, also because I love to travel.

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