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Carl Dawkins
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Carl Dawkins had no initial ambition of being a singer. He had a love for dancing and playing football(soccer) and in fact went on to play the game at the national level. His association with the the singing group, 'The Techniques' and more so the group's leader, the late Keith 'Slim' Smith, led him into taking singing serious enough. Carl and members of the group were all students of Kingston Secondary School, known then as 'Senior School' and today renamed, Kingston High School. Interestingly, the likes of Derrick Morgan, Marcia Griffiths, The Heptones, Keith Stewart and other well known artistes and musicians also attended the school. Carl played around and went on to record his first song 'Hard Times' and the flip side on the record called 'Baby I Love'. Like so many other scenarios the flip side on the record 'Baby I Love You' became the hit. The song propelled Carl into the limelight and he remains today a fixture in the line up of the regular 'Vintage Shows'. A member of the Rastafarian faith since the 1980s, Carl has had his fair share of adversities, having gained little for his work and getting caught up in hard drugs. Carl shares his moving story with Vintage Boss Production in the DVD series, 'Mr. Satisfaction'.

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