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Så mycket bättre - Säsong 3 (2012)
Sad Songs (2004)
Sampled! (2008)
Samurai Deeper Kyo OST: 'Capriccio' (2003)
Santa Baby (2006)
Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party (2011)
Saturday Night Fish Fry: New Orleans Fu (2001)
Sax & Sex (2007)
Sax for Lovers (0)
Saxy Desire Collection, Volume 3 (2011)
School of Rock (2003)
Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks (1996)
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Original Mo (2010)
Serenity: Sexy Lounge & Chill Out Pearl (2016)
Sesimizi Yükseltiyoruz! (1998)
Seventies Power Ballads (2008)
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978)
Shaolin Soul, Episode 1 (2001)
Shaolin Soul, Episode 2 (2014)
Sharp Dressed Men: A Tribute to ZZ Top (2002)
Shatter the Hotel: A Dub Inspired Tribu (2009)
Short Music for Short People (1999)
Shrek (2001)
Shrek 2 (2004)
Shutter Island (2010)
Signs of Life: A Tribute to Pink Floyd (2000)
Simply the Best of the 80's (1999)
Sing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrac (2016)
Six Feet Under, Volume 2: Everything En (2005)
Six Feet Under: Music From the HBO Orig (2002)
Ska Madness 2 (2012)
Ska Madness! 20 Reggae Classics Which I (2010)
Ska Wars (1995)
Ska! An Essential Guide to the Best of (2013)
Ska: Cover It Up (1997)
Ska: The Third Wave, Volume 1 (1997)
Ska: The Third Wave, Volume 2 (1996)
Ska: The Third Wave, Volume 3 (1997)
Ska: The Third Wave, Volume 4 (1998)
Ska: The Third Wave, Volume 5: Swing It (1998)
Sky Radio - Christmas Hits (De Grootste (2011)
Sleepless in Seattle (1993)
Smash Hits 88 (1988)
Smash Hits Party 89 (1989)
Snatch (2001)
SNL25: Saturday Night Live, the Musical (1999)
So Country 2017 (2017)
So Fresh: The Hits of Summer 2014 + The (2013)
So Fresh: The Hits of Summer 2015 (2014)
Songs of Anarchy: Music From Sons of An (2011)
Sorority Row Original Motion Picture So (2009)
Soul Christmas (1991)
Soul Survivors: 40 Northern Soul Anthem (1997)
Sound Check 7 (1998)
Sound City: Real to Reel (2013)
Sounds of Wood & Steel (1998)
Sounds of Wood & Steel 2 (1999)
Southpaw: Music From and Inspired by th (2015)
Space Jam: Music From and Inspired by t (1996)
Space Night Vol. II (1996)
Spacewalk: A Salute to Ace Frehley (1996)
Spécial Français (1998)
Spirit of Electro Swing (2012)
Spirits of Nature (1995)
Spirits of Nature 2 (1996)
Spirits of Nature 3 (1997)
Spirits of Nature 4: Discovers Africa (1998)
Spirits of Nature 5 (1998)
Spirits of Nature 6 (1999)
Spiritual... Gospel! (1997)
SSX Tricky (2002)
Star Switch On (2002)
StarCraft (2007)
State Property Presents Chain Gang, Vol (2003)
Stax 50th Anniversary Collection – Co (2008)
Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (1993)
Stones Throw 101 (2004)
Street Corner Symphonies (2006)
Street Jams: Hip-Hop From the Top, Volu (0)
Streets Is Watching (1998)
Streets of Fire (1984)
Stupid Animals (2005)
Sucker Punch: Original Motion Picture S (2011)
Suicide Squad: The Album (2016)
Sunshine Live, Volume 35 (2010)
Super Cover, Volume 3 (2005)
Superbad (2004)
SXSW 2015 Showcasing Artists (2015)
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A compilation album comprises tracks which are compiled from other recordings, usually previously released, but sometimes unreleased. The tracks may be from one or several performers; if from several performers there may be a theme, topic or genre which links the tracks. When the tracks are by the same recording artist, the album may be referred to as a retrospective album. Compilation albums may employ traditional product bundling strategies. For multi-artist compilations, royalties are usually pro-rated. In most cases, each artist's per-record royalty rate (typically 12–14% in 1999) is divided by the number of artists on the album. However, some record companies opt to simplify the equation and pay a rounded-off rate, either as a percentage or as a set amount, regardless of the total number of artists on the record. As of 1999, these rates were around 1/2% to 1% or 15–16 cents per record. When a compilation album includes a track from a different record company, the royalties are split between the artist and the original record company.


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