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Jack Dishel is an American singer-songwriter who performs under the band name Only Son. Dishel was previously frontman of the New York City band Stipplicon', and lead guitarist for The Moldy Peaches.

Only Son:
Only Son is the band name of NYC-based songwriter Jack Dishel. Born in Moscow and raised from early childhood in New York, Dishel has been releasing records and playing in New York bands since the late 1990s. Only Son's first album, "The Drop to the Top" was released in 2006 and features eleven songs, including "My Museum", "Long Live The Future", "Sleepyface" and "Brand New Broken Heart". He toured the world in support of the album for two years opening for Regina Spektor and former bandmate Adam Green. The second Only Son album, titled "Searchlight", was released 18 January 2011 and saw Dishel's emergence as a unique and prolific video artist as well. To date he has released seven videos from the album, including "Magic", (directed by VMA nominee Adria Petty) features "Magic", "It's A Boy" (starring Boardwalk Empire's Aleksa Palladino) and "Stamp Your Name On It" (featuring cameos by Macaulay Culkin and Reggie Watts). The video for "Call Them Brothers", his duet with Regina Spektor, features some archival family footage of Dishel as a child blended with new super 8mm footage of the two singers. All of the videos can be seen on Only Son's YouTube channel.
He continues to tour the world opening for Regina Spektor in support of Searchlight.
When playing as a full band, Only Son includes Rick Snell on guitar, Mike Chiavaro on bass, Paul Amorese on drums, Dave Sherman on keyboards and Brent Cole on tambourine.

Before creating Only Son, Dishel released two albums under the band name Stipplicon: "Stipplicon" (1999) and "The Late Great Truth" (2001). A song from the second album, "Stamp Your Name On It" was featured on the Anti-Folk: Volume 1 compilation (Rough Trade Records). Since then, Dishel has re-recorded that and other songs from the Stipplicon catalog for Only Son albums, and has expressed a desire to continue doing so in the future. "I still really like a lot of those songs," he says, "and most people have never heard them. Plus I can make them sound better now - closer to how I originally imagined they would be. It'll be nice to give them a second chance to make a first impression..."

Moldy Peaches:
Dishel was also the lead guitarist for indie-folk sensation Moldy Peaches, who rose to fame for their song "Anyone Else But You" from the Juno soundtrack. Though they became more widely known in 2008, they took an "indefinite hiatus" six years earlier in 2002, after touring the world supporting The Strokes and headlining their own shows. Known for their wild stage attire and ironic sense of humor, Moldy Peaches have become a seminal band in modern indie rock culture. On their debut recording, released by Rough Trade Records in 2001, Dishel played guitar on "Nothing Came Out", and drums on both "Who's Got The Crack" and "Steak For Chicken". They later released a single for County Fair/Rainbows on which he plays guitar. Jack can be seen dancing in many outifts for their video for "Lucky Number Nine" which he helped choreograph.
After the hiatus, Jack appeared on albums by Regina Spektor, Kimya Dawson, Nickel Eye (solo project of Nikolai Fraiture from The Strokes) and Adam Green, with whom he wrote "Boss Inside" ('Minor Love' (Rough Trade 2010). In 2009 he played tenor guitar and sang backup vocals as a touring member of Little Joy, the band started by Fabrizio Moretti (The Strokes), Binki Shapiro and Rodrigo Amarante (Los Hermanos).

Personal life:
Dishel is married to singer-songwriter Regina Spektor, who together have performed live and recorded music. Dishel and Spektor have a baby son together.

In addition to co-producing the Only Son albums, Dishel works as a producer, arranger and co-writer for other artists.

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