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Groningen, Netherlands

2002 to Present...

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Nemesea was founded in 2002 by vocalist Manda Ophuis and guitarist Hendrik Jan (HJ) de Jong. The band signed a deal with a small Dutch label and released their debut album Mana in 2004. The album made the band an instant rising star on the musical horizon. Nemesea toured intensively and drew the attention of both fans and industry with great album reviews. In 2006, Nemesea signed with, a brand new format for bands to record and release their music independently. Within a couple of months, the band gathered many ‘followers’ and was the first band worldwide to collect 50.000 dollars, allowing them to record and internationally release their second album In Control (2007). Their cooperation with Sellaband opened many international doors for the band; it enabled them to work with Tony Platt (AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Motorhead), who produced their second album, and mixer Ronald Prent (Rammstein, HIM, Within Temptation). Nemesea, eager to be ahead of their peers, was also the first band worldwide to give two special shows in OMNI-surround.

Although Sellaband has now become history, the experience proved to be of great value for Nemesea. “Our time with Sellaband has taught us that we have great fans all over the world who support us tremendously. However, you need good distribution and promotion as well if you want to expose your music to as many people as possible.”

Despite the slightly disappointing results of this collaboration, the band is more determined than ever to keep going. Opening track ‘Caught In The Middle’ makes that perfectly clear, says Manda. “I wrote the lyrics when the future didn’t look very bright for us. When the Sellaband house of cards crumbled, we wondered about the future of Nemesea. But our message now is: whatever happens, we will carry on.”

The Quiet Resistance was released in November 2011 on Napalm Records.

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