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Acceptance was an alternative rock band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 1998. They released their first EP, Lost for Words, in 2000, followed by Black Lines to Battlefields in 2003 (this EP was also re-released with live bonus tracks). Their only album, Phantoms, was released in 2005.

The band toured nationally and shared stages with the likes of The Juliana Theory, Anberlin, Finch, Further Seems Forever, and Seether as well as performing successfully on the Warped Tour and Cornerstone Festival. When the band's debut record, Lost For Words came out on Seattle indie, Rocketstar Records, and quickly approached the 5000 sales mark, the industry at large began taking notice. When the band recorded a new 5-song demo with Aaron Sprinkle, this industry interest turned into serious courting by several major labels. After putting a professional management team in place to help determine the band's course of action, the band made the decision to release the Black Lines To Battlefields EP, produced by Aaron Sprinkle on The Militia Group who had been a long-time supporter of the band.

Acceptance later signed to the larger Columbia Records and released their debut album Phantoms in 2005, again produced by Aaron Sprinkle. The album was one of many included in the Sony rootkit controversy due to its inclusion of the Extended Copy Protection software.

Acceptance broke up in the summer of 2006. Former guitarist Christian McAlhaney posted the following message on their site:

You see, there comes a time in a band member’s life where he must choose between the abnormal life of a gypsy rock musician and the normal life of the common man. Jason, our beloved lead singer, has chosen the latter and decided to take on the yoke of the common man. HOWEVER, the rest of us do not share in this desire for normalcy and have decided to continue in our pursuit of rock stardom. You should all be expecting to hear a new kick ace rocking project from Nick, Kyle, and I, as well as a new project from Kaylan and a bunch of secret people that I can't talk about right now.

At the time of the band's breakup, they had already written and demoed songs for a new album. As a "going away" for fans, the band put the demo for "Not Afraid" up on their Myspace page for download.

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