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Karl Jenkins
This Land of Ours
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The two most famous musical traditions in Wales - the brass band and the male voice choir - have been brought together for the first time by Britain's most popular living classical composer, Karl Jenkins OBE.

'This Land Of Ours' is not just a classical album, or a brass band album, or a choral album - it's a unique combination of all three. And above all, it's a musical celebration of Welsh culture and tradition.

"The idea was to put together an album that reflects the Welsh," says Karl, who produced, arranged and orchestrated the collection. "Brass bands are synonymous with mining communities in Wales, and of course the male voice choir is indigenous to Welsh culture. What attracted me to Cantorion is that, unlike many male voice choirs, they are young, they are trained singers, and they are good musicians who all read music to high standards."

Karl Jenkins pioneered the fusion of classical music and ethnic influences in the landmark album 'Adiemus', which topped pop and classical charts around the world. That was followed by 'The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace', his harp concerto 'Over The Stone' and the chart-topping 'Requiem'.

All the musicians and singers on 'This Land Of Ours' - brass band and choir members alike - have day jobs. Their ranks include six married couples, among them policemen, firemen, policemen, teachers, bankers, van drivers, mothers and car salesmen. They come together at least once a week to practise and many go to extraordinary lengths to keep up their hobby. For example, cornet player Michelle Ibbotson makes a 350-mile round trip from her home in Yorkshire to attend rehearsals in south Wales.

The Cory's constant quest for improvement is kept alive by competition with rival bands around the world. The Cory have not only been Welsh champions for the past six years, but have stayed in the world's top three for the last seven years!

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