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Iron Reagan
The Tyranny of Will
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Relapse Records

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"The Tyranny of Will" is the second full length studio album by American crossover thrash band Iron Reagan. Released in September 2014, it was their first under the Relapse Records label and the first to feature bassist Rob Skotis.

Album Review
Musically, Iron Reagan has a lot in common with Municipal Waste, which makes sense since Phil Hall handles guitar duties in both bands. The major stylistic differences are the increased tempos and decreased run time of each song on the album. Tyranny of Will also sounds much more punk rock than anything Municipal Waste has recorded. There's still an unmistakable thrash element, but this album is much closer to Cro-Mags than Anthrax. Despite the presence of former Darkest Hour guitarist Mark Bronzino, this album still sounds like the Tony and Phil show. That's not a bad thing considering the pair have proven they're capable of writing album after album of memorable thrash, but if you're looking for any DH influence, you're going to be disappointed.
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