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Everytime We Touch is the debut album from German Eurodance group Cascada, consisting of DJ Manian, Natalie Horler, and Yanou, first released on March 24, 2006. Recording sessions for the album took place during Fall of 2004 to January 2006, most of which was recorded after the third single from the album Everytime We Touch rose to popularity. It took only three weeks to record. The entire album was produced by the two disc jockeys from Cascada, Yanou and DJ Manian. The album is comprised heavily of up-tempo Eurodance tracks, many of which are covers of hit songs from the 1980s and 1990s of the synthpop, Eurodance, and rock genres. Musically, the album is composed of dance tracks with thick Euro synths, trance beats that clock in over 140 beats per minute and Europop lyrics. Lyrically, the albums is composed of love songs and dance floor euphoria.

Critical reception of the album has been mixed to negative, with many critics disliking the repetitive beat and saying the album had too much filler. Most critics did admire, however, its chart success for a dance album in the tough U.S. music market. The album has sold about 2 million copies worldwide. There was a total of seven singles released from the album. "Miracle" and "Everytime We Touch" were released in America and were the only singles that received gold and platinum certifications. Along with "Truly, Madly, Deeply", these singles attained notable chart success internationally, peaking in the top ten in countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden. "Bad Boy" and "Ready for Love" were released as the second and the seventh single from the album and failed to attain any chart success. "A Neverending Dream" and "How Do You Do!" achieved minor chart success in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Austria respectively.

The album is filled with club ready dance music, ranging from subgenres like Eurodance, Hi-NRG, Eurotrance, house music and Europop. Cascada's disc jockeys Yanou and DJ Manian wrote all the original songs and produced all the songs on the album. Most of the lyrics on the album's songs are about love and relationships. The title track starts out as the first track from the album. The song is used as the basis of most of the songs from album, taking on a euphoric trance sound with a thumping beat created by a drum machine and a wave of synthesizers. Like most of the songs, "Everytime We Touch" has interludes after the chorus is sung in which only dance music plays for the of forty seconds to one minute. "How Do You Do" comes in as the album's second track. It is a cover of the first single off the album Tourism by Swedish pop recording duo Roxette. The third track off the album is "Bad Boy", which was written by Yann Peifer and Manuel Reuter about casual relationship with a bad boy. "Miracle" is the fourth track off the album. The song features a different production than some of the other tracks on the album, consisting of fizzing trance and elevating techno synthesizers during the dance interlude. The fifth track on the album is "Another You", a lite piano ballad that is completely devoid of the thump and synth composition of the rest of the album. "Ready for Love" is a Europop/Eurodance track about the uncertainties of love. Track number seven on the album is "Can't Stop the Rain", a song about life post-breakup, claiming that she can't sleep at night, cries constantly to the point she feels like drowning and is overwhelmed by the relationship's sudden end. The song is counteractive to the Eurodance beat and euphoric synthesizers

"Kids in America" was recorded as the eighth track for the album and is a cover of the debut synthpop single from the debut album of British recording artist Kim Wilde, released in 1981. The ninth track on the album is "A Neverending Dream", a cover of the hit European single by German Eurodance recording group X-Perience. The song was produced as a thumping Eurotrance track that mimics the same style of the first song, "Everytime We Touch", featuring the same dance interludes consisting of a progressing synthetic beat and same rhythmic buzzing synthesizers. The tenth track on the album is "Truly Madly Deeply", a cover of the 1996 hit song by Australian recording duo Savage Garden. The song was produced as a lite synthesizer ballad as the original album version and as a euphoric electronic dance song for the single version. The eleventh song on the album is "One More Night", a song about a blissful relationship. "Wouldn't It Be Good",the twelfth track on the album and a cover version of the 1984 hit song by British recording artist Nik Kershaw, was produced by DJ Manian and Yanou as a Eurotechno track with influences of Eurotrance and dance music. "Love Again" is thirteenth track on the album about someone who has lost faith in love. The last track on the album is the stripped down ballad version of "Everytime We Touch" called "Everytime We Touch (Yanou's Candlelight Mix)".

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